Mechanic Rotary Harrow ERPI-1

Carli_-_Erpice_interfilare_per_motocoltivatore - Mechani_rotary_arrow_IPM Essen Germania

Fiera IPM Essen Germania

Mechanic rotary harrow with hydraulic sensor mounted to a two wheel tractor to work the soil to eliminate herbs, suitable for narrow rows and capable to work the soil even closest to the trunk in nurseries, vineyards, Christmas tree plantations, fruit nurseries, etc.

The rotary harrow arm with chain transmission is controlled by a very sensitive hydraulic sensor with multiple regulations of the sensor arm, the sensor itself, the piston and the return spring to allow the machine to work even between small plants. The independent hydraulic system of the sensor has a flow regulation. The structure of the machine has a floating/fix position to compensate lateral ground inclination, a horizontal axle to adapt the machine to any kind of two wheel tractor type, to regulate the working depth and 2 fix positions for working and driving. The front roller has a regulation of the height, inclination and lateral displacement to adapt to any kind of plant an ground inclination.

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10 HP




85 KG